“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” -Buddha

We are in an unprecedented time. This COVID-19 virus has had a profound effect on us all. There are many that have shut down their businesses and more who have been laid off. Some are working harder than ever to make sure we all have what we need. We are all trying to do our part to keep ourselves and others safe during this time. It’s a scary and unsettling time.

Our lives have been put on hold in a way no one imagined or planned. Weddings, baby showers and birthdays canceled. Funeral not attended. There have been many disappointments so far. This is a time for us all to come together to help and support each other. I am amazed to see communities coming together and making sure everyone is taken care of. Times like this can bring the best and the worst out in people. Let’s make sure the best is shining through.

Everyday brings us new information and every day we are waiting to hear more.

There are many resources available and my hope is this page can serve as a location to bring that information together for you. Please email me if you have information I can add.

I’ve created a questionnaire to find out how you are doing and find out how best I can help. If you have a couple minutes please fill it out.

Oregon Counties Reopening Phases

Helpful Links

Start here: Oregon Coronavirus Information & Resources

Both Linn and Lane Counties have entered Phase 2 see the Oregon Health Authority guidance for Phase 2.

  • Call, text or email 211 for questions about the coronavirus or referrals to programs for food, shelter, health care and more. 211info.org

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