I am running for State Representative to represent everyone in this beautiful district. House District 11 is vibrantly diverse and it’s been under-represented for many years. I’m a regular person who thinks Salem should be more about our neighbors and less about extremists. People tell me they want a representative who can collaborate and bring people together. We deserve action, not more excuses. I’m ready to be that person.

I can’t do this alone. I need your financial support in order to get my message out to voters by November 3rd. I hope that you’ll take a moment to contribute so that my campaign and I can keep fighting to bring transparency, balance, and real solutions to our legislature.

Did you know Oregon law grants taxpayers a credit for political donations? Most taxpayers are allowed $50 per individual and $100 per couple, and it’s a credit on your taxes in 2020. That means you get it all back on your 2021 return. This credit applies to individuals making up to $75,000 and joint-filing couples who make up to $150,000. Election Law requires that I ask the employment questions on this page.

If you prefer to mail a check send your donation to:

Katie Boshart Glaser
PO Box 669
Brownsville, OR 97355