Katie Boshart Glaser for State Representative HD 11I grew up in the Shedd and Tangent area in rural Linn County (what is now HD 11) and am rooted in agriculture and caring deeply for the land and environment. In third grade I started helping out with harvest in the summer. By seventh grade I was working full time. Learning how to work 10-20 hour days at such a young age taught me firsthand the ethics of hard work, common sense, and working together within a community. Participating in 4-H taught me responsibility and what it means to care for animals and life. Having a love for sports, I learned how to work in a team and how to push myself and others further than we thought we could. All of these things growing up taught me how to be a leader.

Currently my husband and I own and operate his family’s heritage farm in HD 11, located between Brownsville and Lebanon. This farm was started by his great great grandparents in 1895. Like them, and generations between, every decision we make is to ensure continued sustainability and keeping our ground protected and healthy.

I worked as a massage therapist for years and just finished my nail technology license when I was in a car accident that left me with a lot of physical pain. Because of this accident I needed to have surgery on my neck and it left me unable to continue working. My car accident turned my life upside down but I was able to come out the other side making choices that made my life so much better and fulfilling. I was able to work a job, from home, help my husband on the farm and it gave me the flexibility to volunteer, a lot, in organizations I care and believe in. It also gave me flexibility to be a big part of my nieces and nephews lives.

Family matters to Katie Boshart Glaser candidate for State Representative HD 11I’ve worked in a few different industries over the years, including as a legislative assistant during the 2019 legislative session. Working in the capitol opened my eyes to what really goes on in the legislature. It’s what started me on a path to deciding I would run for State Representative.

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